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G et your flavorful pizza like no other, delicious from itscrust to toppings. Not your usual pizza – Pizza is served hot and yummy. . Place your order online using and get thechance to enjoy the exclusive deals, hot deals offered on site orders. . Located at 247 New Britain Ave, Hartford, CT, 06106, ABCPizza has been the Hartford’s best pizza. Serving nearby areas from lunch todinner, happy hours is included. The smell of an oven fresh pizza is all overthe place making you want and crave for more. No ordinary pasta paired withhomemade garlic bread is heaven, great tasting Italian favorites for dinner andfreshly made salads that are served with your choice of dressing - You Decideand We Make. Greek Gyro’s with a choice of beef and chicken meat. We bringhappiness to your pate, open for pick up and dine in and just Eat it your way!! .

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  • “Cooking is an art, but all art requires knowing something about the techniques and materials”

    — Nathan Myhrvold

  • “Give a man food, and he can eat for a day. Give a man a job, and he can only eat for 30 minutes on break.”

    — Lev L. Spiro

  • “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

    — Julia Child

  • “Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first.”

    — Josh Billings

Our Menu

We have Hot Deals, Pizzas, Calzones, Garlic Bread, Wraps, Greek Specialties, Hot Oven Grinders, Special Salads, Pasta, Italian Specialties, Appetizers & Sides, Desserts, Beverages on our menu.

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Pizzas Pizzas

Specialty Pizzas Specialty Pizzas

Calzones Calzones

Hot Oven Grinders Hot Oven Grinders

Special Salads Special Salads

  • Tossed Salad

    Tossed Salad

    Lettuce, tomato, green peppers, onions, cucumbers

    $7.49 +
  • Tossed Salad w/Cheese

    Tossed Salad w/Cheese

    Lettuce, tomato, green peppers, onions, cucumbers

    $7.75 +
  • Grilled Chicken Salad

    Grilled Chicken Salad

    Mozzarella cheese lettuce ,tomato,green peppers,onions, cucumbers

    $9.99 +
  • Crispy Chicken Salad

    Crispy Chicken Salad

    Mozzarella cheese lettuce ,tomato,green peppers,onions, cucumbers

    $9.99 +
  • Buffalo Chicken Salad

    Buffalo Chicken Salad

    Mozzarella cheese lettuce ,tomato,green peppers,onions, cucumbers

    $9.99 +
  • Grilled Chx Caesar Salad

    Grilled Chx Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese

    $9.99 +
  • Greek Salad

    Greek Salad

    Feta cheese,lettuce ,tomato,green peppers,onions, cucumbers,kalamata olives,pepper cheney

    $9.49 +
  • Greek Salad w/Meat

    Greek Salad w/Meat

    Ham,cooked salami,pepperoni,feta cheese,lettuce ,tomato,green peppers,onions, cucumbers,kalamata olives,pepper cheney

    $10.99 +
  • Antipasto Salad

    Antipasto Salad

    Ham,genoa salami,cooked salami, mozzarella cheese lettuce ,tomato,green peppers,onions, cucumbers

    $10.49 +
  • Chefs Salad

    Chefs Salad

    Ham,turkey,mozzarella cheese lettuce ,tomato,green peppers,onions, cucumbers

    $9.99 +
  • Tuna Salad

    Tuna Salad

    Tuna,mozzarella cheese lettuce ,tomato,green peppers,onions, cucumbers

    $9.99 +
  • Turkey amp; Cheese Salad

    Turkey amp; Cheese Salad

    Turkey,mozzarella cheese lettuce ,tomato,green peppers,onions, cucumbers

    $9.99 +
  • ABC Cobb Salad

    ABC Cobb Salad

    Grilled chicken ,feat cheese,bacon,lettuce ,tomato,green peppers,onions, cucumbers, olives

    $10.49 +

Appetizers & Sides Appetizers & Sides

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